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September 19, 2011
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Mushroom Kombat II by HoppyBadBunny Mushroom Kombat II by HoppyBadBunny

Mushroom Kombat returns with twice the warriors, twice the action, and twice the kombat! 36 mighty fighters hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom and it's neighboring realms are ready to slash, pound and incinerate their way to victory.
The kombatants include:
Mario - mightiest hero of the Mushroom Kingdom with a flaming palm
Luigi - More agile brother of Mario
Toad - The loyal guardian of the Princess
Yoshi - Virtuous reptilian steed with endless hunger
Peach - The lithe, deadly princess of the Realm
Daisy - The powerful princess of the Sarasarealm
Rosalina - Galactic princess and master of the shuriken (the shooting star)
Pauline - Assassin from Brooklyn
Toadette - A young warrior in training
Bowser - The wise elder lord of the dark realm
Ludwig - Second in command to lord Bowser, count of the Koopas
Larry - Sly and sneaky assassin who fights dirty
Roy - A powerhouse with an attitude and a mastery of sumo
Lemmy - Young but powerful Koopa with a magical orb
Wendy - The self-centered, dual sword weilding ninja
Iggy - A strange and frantic fighter
Morton - A solid brute with a mighty mace
Kamek - Main sorcerer of the Koopas and most powerful magician around
Lakitu - Mighty Wind God who watches over the realm
Donkey Kong - The most savage beast ever
Diddy - A gun slinging ally of Donkey Kong
Wart - A wise old warlord from the clouds above
Mouser - A bomb-crazy menace who works for Wart
Birdo - A wicked reptilian beast with a deadly mouth
Toadsworth - The eldest master in the Mushroom Army
Geno - A misterious yet virtuous magician from the stars above
Hammer Brother - A menacing soldier weilding a massive war hammer
Wario - The mightiest brute in the realm and a master bandit
Waluigi - A sneaky and mighty warrior
Mona - One of Wario's closest allies. A master of baton kombat
Jimmy T. - A kung fu enthusiasts with excellent fighting rhythm
Ashley - A powerful sorceress of the dark realm
Kat - A mighty and nimble young ninja
Ana - The sister of Kat
Young Cricket - An aspiring kung fu warrior with lightning fast moves
Master Mantis - Cricket's mentor and a noble old warlord
Who will emerge champion of the Mushroom Realm?

This isn't really a game or anything, it's just a joke. It's a follow-up to my pic from last year - - and the background is an edit of an old backdrop done by my friend, :iconbrendancorris:
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Somebody, make it real!!!
ShyGuyTsukayama Jun 5, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
nice job, you made kamek look like a badass.
I've got a suggestion. Nabbit, from NSMBU and a playable character in NSLU, is a thief. And I think could fit a Mushroom Kombat game.
And maybe add Boom Boom and Pom Pom too.
Anyway, this is awesome!
Vyel Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is absolutely badass, i'd definetely play this game, and one reason for that, the koopalings are playable characters, get it together Nintendo, make them a game already, give Waluigi a game too. You are missing some characters, you should update this, and add Bowser Jr. Fawful, Midbus, Dark Bowser, Metal Mario, Shadow Mario, Dimentio, Kammy, Kamella, Tatanga, Smithy, Grodus, Lord Crump, O Chunks, Mimi, Mr. L, Count Bleck, Boom-Boom, Pom-Pom, Dry Bowser, and even :iconkoopakidds: Koopa Kid.
Maleficus-Animus Mar 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
Choose your destiny!
Lemmy have a dragon ball :D nice work
Way too awesome ^^, Only miss is Mallow, since Geno's in xD but pretty perfect roster!
xxGaby-23xx Oct 29, 2012  Student General Artist
This is great, you have a good style, I was surprised for every detail and dedication that you gave to each character :D (The first pic was Awesome too :la:).
If this were a game, it would be the first to play it :iconexciteddummyplz:
You have a great talent, Excelent Job :iconclapplz:
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